【EPUU】3,4年生も使える! EPUU Commons OPEN!

Welcome to the EPUU Commons!!

The EPUU Commons opened on Tuesday, November 26th. Why don’t you come and see us?


✧What is the EPUU Commons?

      It’s a space where you can learn English in a variety of ways. You can borrow English books, watch English DVDs, and talk with the staff in English. Also, you can study for TOEIC and other major English tests by using the textbooks in the space. (Sorry, you cannot take these textbooks home.)


✧Where is the EPUU Commons?

      2nd floor of 4-B building at Mine campus

      It’s on the opposite side of the EPUU office.


✧Opening Hours

      Monday – Friday 10:00 AM ~ 6:00 PM


Let’s enjoy learning English together!

If you have any questions, please contact:


Email: saef■

Please change ■ to @ when you mail.






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